Big Morels & micro ticks

Discussion in 'Nebraska' started by shroomanitutanka, May 9, 2014.

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    Went out last evening and found some big, beautiful morels and some teeny tiny little ticks. I mean they were literally the size of a pinhead. It's kind of amazing I even saw them. I was walking thru the tall grass and probably picked them up in there. I took a break to have some water and was sitting on a log when I noticed the smallest tick crawling on my jeans. I looked again and saw another. I only saw the two and maybe they were just baby ticks, but I hate to think of them being somewhere where I couldn't spot them! Talk about the heebie jeebies!!!
    Just the risks one takes when hunting morels.The big ones are up in the hills!
    Happy Hunting!
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    Hey Shrooman, where in the hills are you finding them? Tops, bottoms, South slopes, North slopes? Tree types? Appreciate the info. We're going to try to do a little hill searching tomorrow.

    Seems like the river bottoms are about burned out. I fournd a few today- some nice big blondes- at Desoto but about half of them I found were dried out.