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Thanks for the the Bitter Bolete. I had tried touching a fresh-cut cross section of the stem to my tongue and there was no bitterness. Next time I\'ll remember that it is the cap underside.

What was interesting when I tasted the few pieces that I\'d sauteed was that it took 4 seconds for the bitterness to register. When I went through a similar learning experience 5 years ago, the bitterness was instantaneous and repulsive.

I found reference by Chris M from a 2007 post where he\'d found two edible varieties of Tylopolis in GA. I\'m wondering if the stem in fact was edible on the ones I found yesterday. They would make wonderful medallions as sauteed cross sectional slices. I may go back and get another one and try it, out of curiosity. Still no Chanterelles for me, and I\'m hoping to harvest some Maitake this season also
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