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The majority of blacks I find are in yellow poplar a.k.a. (tulip poplar) stands on hillsides. I do find them sporadically in other areas as well. Ash is another good tree to look around for them, but i always find the most numbers and bigger ones around large tulip poplars on hillsides. The poplar is a choice morel tree here. I find most of my yellows in completely different areas. Around dead and freshly dying elms with the bark just starting to slip off, creek bottoms loaded with large sycamores and of course ash. Although you can find the occasional yellow or two around poplar as well and other assorted hardwoods. Apple is another good one for yellows if you can locate an old orchard nobody knows about which is asking a lot. Morchella Deliciousa (tulip morels) prefer the yellow poplar also and come up late in the season. They're usually the last ones you will find fresh. Hope this helps :)
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