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black shrooms change into yellow ? ?

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watched a youtube vid last night...the author said if you let the black morel grow to full potential thet it grows into a this true? ?...have never heard this before and I've been shrooming for 55 years..although I don't claim to be an expert by any means....thx..Dan
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There is a lot of confusion about the different species of morels (Morchella) that we have here in Ohio, and the fact that the mycologists keep re-classifying them every year doesn't help. See's summary of the latest scientific opinions based on DNA analysis:
Black morels (Morchella augusticeps and related species) are clearly separate from yellow morels (Morchella esculenta), so if it was really a black in the video, it couldn't turn into a yellow without an act of God -- though it might have just changed its outward color due to sunlight, age, etc.
But the ones most hunters call "greys" actually are just young yellows (Morchella esculenta). Many hunters refuse to believe this, but they are genetically the same mushroom, and if you just leave a small grey grow it will mature into a nice big yellow -- unless it dries out or gets moldy. The same is true of the so-called "big foot" or "white," which is just a really big old yellow. That's the latest scientific view anyway, which is based on DNA analysis of the various mushrooms
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You're right, BrYaN: many morels do stay grey until they're nice and big. Those are my favorites for eating, in fact. But keep in mind that there is also a lot of variety of color and shape in any species. Look how many different kinds of dogs we have, and they're all the same species that can get together and mate, from a great dane to a toy poodle. What the mycologists are saying (now, anyway) is that the DNA of greys and yellows is the same, even though they often do look really, really different. But I'm not a mycologist myself, so I just have to trust what MushroomExpert and others are saying.
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