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blacks and blonds ?

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Can someone post pictures of both Blacks and Blond Morels ? and do they come out at different times of the season ? AND do the taste different ?
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The Black Morel fruits before the Yellow / White Morels do. Personally I think the blacks are more flavorful , but the Yellows / Whites are meatier . Either way it's a win, win !!....LOL

They all end up looking something like this at my house !
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Or like these, Crab & Cheese Stuffed then battered & deep fried
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I would love the recipe for those stuffed Morels..
AThomas, here you go !
Thank You very much for the recipe.. This will be perfect for my cooking.. I have been making my own cheese. and catch Jersey Crabs. and collect Morels.. so this will be great.. I watched the video afew times, and have it down.. but I am guessing that he dredge it in plain flour ???
Thanks Again
A. Thomas
AThomas, It's not flour it's called Drakes Crispy Fry Mix. I wish I had a photo of the bag, but I don't. Probably any kind of Batter Mix would work, but I like Drakes the best. Don't forget, after you finish stuffing them, run them under water and then roll in the dry batter mix.
Hey Jack
Is this this blog I want?
Jim McK
This isn't the Michigan board, but you're on If you want to go on Michigans board just click on Message Boards and go to Michigan, then Southern Michigan.
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