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Have not found any hens yet this year,but did stumble upon a large patch of bi-colored boletes and old man of the woods
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Yea boletes have been good, I found a lot of chicken of the woods in early August, a few more last week only one hen before those two weeks of warm weather....hopefully now that is cold again they'll be out again soon
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The hen in the pic barely weighed a pound but that chicken weighed 20
Had to work Saturday, But plan on hitting the woods Sunday in search of the all might hen. Only found 1 small group of chickens so far this year,not sure whats going on. Rain and cooler weather,hoping for big results[/IMG]
grrr well I point was boletus have been good for me, chickens nice but scattered, and only one little hen so far, but im hopping the colder weather helps
heading back out Tuesday for boletus, hens, and anything else I can find....anybody ever try chicken-fat-sulius (sp?) little yellow bolete like discs that don't stain when crushed? grow around white chewy chicken fat when cooked, I think they're nasty but chefs like them, they are out now, have been for a while, warning If u pick them they might drip like milkies (even though they are in the bolete family) and stain your hands for a day or two
Got a bag full of meadow mushrooms today between rains. Then had to work on my truck.never had chicken fats before. Still in search of hens,maybe even a puffball or 2. Even been hard this year finding fall oysters,but time will tell
In the last week I've only found two mushrooms...a tiny hen that barely got the size of a football and then stopped growing...and a half pound if chkn of the woods
Found a nice flush of oysters, last Saturday. Sunday found 1 small hen,and some chickens. With rain Thursday,hoping weekend while be better
Hi Smokey over here in lake, porter and Laporte county Ive found some nice flushes of Hens in the last 4 days. 141 lbs in 48 hours. found 25 lbs on my property the rest on public land, parks. etc the last couple I saw were still bug free but getting older I'm done for the year now time to process these and focus on deer hunting. good luck
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