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Well the fires are still burning out west here with temps predicted between 110 to 115 by the weekend. It would be even more miserable if we hadn't been spared a lot of the smoke so far! There are @ 2400 firefighters fighting for us on these 3 fires. Rather than bore you with details, I've included a map showing the burn areas.
We had a helicopter that was fighting fires make an emergency "landing" in Lake Shastina up near Mt. Shasta and, thank God, the pilot swam to shore and was ok! No one else was aboard.
The only silver lining I can see might be burn Morels next season, but that's about it. There will be a massive reduction of prime forest and mushroom habitat as well as wildlife. We're counting on you all to find plenty of mushrooms so we can enjoy the hunt through your messages and photos! Happy Shroomin'.......
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