Buying Bulk Canadian Dried Jumbo (8cm+) Morels 90 Pounds

Discussion in 'For Sale - Classifieds' started by jcena, May 15, 2016.

  1. jcena

    jcena Young Morel

    I'm interested in buying 90 pounds of dried <strong>JUMBO (8cm+)</strong> morels that have been picked and dried in Canada. I am fine with 2015 season inventory or new 2016 season inventory. Colour of mushroom does not matter- black, grey, blondes are all accepted.

    Other requirements are
    -no tail whatsoever
    -high quality (not blackened from dehydration)
    -whole mushrooms

    Please send email with your price, details of where the mushrooms have been picked, and clear photos of the dried mushrooms.
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