Buying Bulk Canadian Foraged & Dried Morels- Accepting multiple grades

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  1. jcena

    jcena Young Morel

    Looking to purchase 3 grades of Morels.

    Buying small to bulk amounts of <strong>dried</strong> Morels picked and dried from Canada.

    <strong> **Class Jumbo**</strong>
    -Bigger than 7cm
    -no tail
    -high quality (no blackened from dehydration)
    -whole mushrooms

    <strong>**Class Normal**</strong>

    - The size ranges from 2-7 cm
    -No Tail
    -high quality (no blackened from dehydration)
    -Whole mushrooms

    <strong>**Class C- low grade**</strong>
    -burnt allowed (blackened from poor drying process)
    -ugly is allowed
    -tail is allowed
    -chips and broken pieces allowed

    Contact us at:

    ***In email***

    Provide amount of inventory.
    Type of inventory.
    Asking price for Inventory.
    Where the origin of the Morels are from.
    Where you are shipping from.

    Thanks <span style="text-decoration:underline"></span>