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Calm before a storm.

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I find myself staring into the woods from my car, like a dog staring out of the front room window waiting for his master to return.
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O.M.G. Am I chomping at the bit to get this Spring kicked off ! I AM READY !!!!!!
I'm with ya I can't wait,my favorite time of the year.Time to get my bag ready.

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I like mesh bags, but over the years I've grown fond of wicker baskets. My local goodwill always has a great selection of baskets for dirt cheap that the kids and I rummage through during the winter preparing for the spring. I find the baskets keep my mushrooms intact better since everything's not bouncing around in a bag. The wicker baskets also still allow for the spores to drop as I walk through the woods. Last year was an interesting season and this last winter seems to be brewing a perfect storm as far as mushrooms go. Happy hunting everyone!!!
I love my mesh bag I never leave home without it ;-)

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Thats right boys... grab your bags and your baskets.... its gonna be on soon!!! Cant wait. Good luck to all this season...
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