Can't seem to find morels anymore / :

Discussion in 'Iowa' started by splendidblended, Apr 28, 2013.

  1. splendidblended

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    The season is just getting started but it's been a long time since I was excited for it.
    I used to always go out with my dad every spring to our favorite spot in the Sioux City area back
    when we lived there and we would always find hundreds... unfortunately it was a friend who would
    let us look there and they moved away many years ago and so have we.

    Does anyone know of any locations around the Cherokee County area where we might have some luck?
    Really hoping that we will be able to find some this year since I know it would make my dad really happy
    and it also might be one of the last years where I'll be able to look with him since I'll most likely be moving soon.
    Last year we were only able to find two which doesn't really go very far lol.
  2. oldlords

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    Hi, I live in Sioux City. Tell me the general location and I'll mail you many pounds! : ) Email: