Can we talk about picking responsibly?

Discussion in 'Nebraska' started by janemarie, Apr 18, 2015.

  1. janemarie

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    I was leaving my normal stomping grounds when this guy with a tiny sack of mushrooms asked me if I had any luck. I told him that I saw a few but none big enough to pick. The guy proceeds to laugh at me and pull out his sack of probably 30 inch and a half tall morels. He insisted that's all the bigger they get. I tried to explain to him that picking morels before they reach maturity is like getting a deer license and killing all the fawns. He called me a unpleasant name that starts with a B and walked away.

    Please, pick responsibly and let them fully mature.
  2. lori in thayer

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    Are you sure? I've left small ones before only to come back to find died out small ones. The only ones I've ever seen grow, just get taller and thiner and drier. My advice is to pick them fresh and before someone or something gets them first!

  3. buckthornman

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    When you see em..pick em, especially on public ground, if on private ground you better have close eyes on them every day and still if you see em... Pick em, I think the fella your talkin about was ahead of your game
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    We already went through this they do grow there is a time lapse video on the forum some where I believe it take 5 days or more for them to grow full size but the mushrooms food supply heat and moisture will determine how big it gets.
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    There are billions of morels every year that will never be found. Billions. The percentage harvested by people is miniscule. Who cares if someone picks small ones. Go somewhere else and find some more, or get there earlier next time. Hunting on public land sucks, but it's what many people are stuck with.