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Central Illinois

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Went out this morning just to look around, spotted some trillium and may apples already 3-4 inches tall, should be seeing some blacks and half frees real soon, cant wait til the season starts, good luck to all this year~!
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I will probably start lookin for em' in about 2 weeks around Champaign.
Just wondering what part of our wonderful state you are from, Millertime69? Just joking bout the "wonderful" part. LOL Thanks
@masonrymaster I'm in Christian county
Good to hear Millertime69. I'm guessing two more weeks for my area here in Macoupin county. Good Luck!
Thanks for the info guys, good luck hunting the elusive little buggers!
Im in the Springfield area. Looking like its going to be May before we see anything.
in springfield also after heat and rain this week might find a few this weekend hoping anyway

Well we got plenty of rain but now its much cooler, hoping the sun makes its way out, should be picking blacks and half frees this weekend....(I hope)
Finally found my first greys this morning....gonna be be a great season once it warms back up~!!!
found 50 or so in vermilion county tiny grays
Nice finds!!! A little more north than I would expect with the weather we have had. But early spots are early spots for a reason. :lol:
Springfield area found today after work. Really need the temps to stay steady for awhile. Tomorrow, tomorrow night and Thursday will be much needed. Thinking the weekend of the 27th is when I'll really be hitting it hard, although I will go out to a few other spots this weekend but they're a bit further north so not expecting too much if anything.

Not much size to them yet, but they are up

Mrd4482 your my morel hunting Idol, finding mushrooms so early must be a skill!
Cls74 thanks for the confidence. I'm in Macoupin county. I'm going out after work to my early spot tomorrow. If you found some I know I will too. Good Luck to all. May the shrooms be plentiful this year!!
They're definitely coming up, below is the first one I found tonight. It was in the same area as the one I found on the 11th only smaller. That is my pinky finger in the pic to give you a better idea, about nail size. Went up the hill a bit and found the biggest one. Talked to a friend tonight and he found 2 in another location one was about an inch and the other he covered and hoped it would grow.

Wish I had some private land so I could leave them to grow, but had to pick these as they were out in the open and someone else would have. Left a couple in the litter that were a bit more concealed. I'll be back out Friday after the cold front passes. Going to try another spot or two, then decide whether to head north or not.

If we could just get a little more heat and have it moderate there we could have one of the best seasons in years. If if if

Finally found four popcorn morels. No bigger than a quarter. It is going to get good next week. Happy happy happy!
Went out today messin with my tree stands and keepin an open eye for shrooms. There was very little green where Im at in Tazewell County. The May apples were only about an inch tall. Im thinkin at least another week.
In another week or two that handful of appetizers might have made a full meal.
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