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Central Iowa is there a secret?

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Hi all, I am having one heck of a time finding any morels, been out 6 times and found 1, lots of the other types though. I have checked my hot spots and, I am starting to get really disgusted, this is on my land, not public so I know no one has been there. Any advice--please?
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Hi, skiddy. I'm also from central Iowa. This year, my experience has been that I either find patches of them, or nothing. All of my hot spots have been barren, so you aren't alone. Sadly, even though it's your land, there may be numerous people hunting on it without your permission. That goes on a lot. I was pretty much skunked until 3 days ago when I found 29 big yellows. Yesterday, I found 27 more. It's still on in central Iowa! Good luck.
MushyAl, thanks for the reply. I did find 2 more since I posted this, I hope with this rain we have had that they will be a little bigger. Like you said gonna have to keep looking. Good luck to you also.
I live in central Iowa and it has not been a good year for me. Worse than last year. Went today and found 5. It's either going to get better this week or they'll be done. Everyone finding them at all are still just finding small greys. I found a couple nice yellows today, but have only found a total of around 50 or so in 3 weeks time. Lots of walking!
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