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Central ohio foray??

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Anyone game?? Would be at a spot the OMS did a mini foray a few years back,,, on public grounds,, not a secret spot. But a bunch of good looking area,, for yellows and greys. Been 10 years or so since I been there, but those were a bad years. Just for shits and giggles. ??
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i might be up for it depending when and where.
Depending on when, because of my work schedule, myself and son would be up for it. Let me know.
I'm new to the state. So I have no spots to go. I'm down with it. I'm in Dayton. I'm getting struck out in all the public grounds so far.
Its just a patch woods,, that looked good years back,, been forayed before,, no promises,, But there is a bar close by to drown our sorrows if we skunk out.. Waldo
Sure you been there Hugh,,, or very close
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