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Chanterelle's in norther IL?

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Went out a week ago and found nothing yet. Anybody finding any? This should be the early part of their appearance. Thanks.
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I read on some bulletin boards that some were found in southern Illinois, haven't seen anything north though. Haven't had a chance to get out myself, but you'd think with as wet as its been, it would be a banner year.
Good rain last night across northern Illinois!
Took a walk in the woods tonight in Kendall County. Still pretty dry despite the weekend rains. Didn't find much except 3 old coral mushrooms. Chance for more rain this week, so maybe by the weekend.
No luck in LaSalle last Saturday (8/3) at one of my favorite spots. Did spot a few non-descript bolettes (I think),
1 - 4 of 11 Posts
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