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Chanterelles....coming soon to the woods near YOU,are you ready?? :-)

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Who's ready??
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I'm interested in trying my luck with these but have never looked for them before. Do they like the same habitats as morels?
Start here:

It's good enough to get you on the right trail!
I know I am! I hope they are as abundant as last year! We're still a good six weeks from any chanties though!

I don't like this month-plus period of no mushrooms between the morels and the next edible species.All this rain will bring them out when the time comes, as long as it keeps it up!

I think we may start here in about three weeks...
depending on the weather.
I don't wish it to be hot soon though.....
would rather wait for the Chanterelles :wink:
Last year was a little late here and they popped up June 28th.
I am ready and hope we have a better summer-shroom season.
Last year wasn't so great here........
GOOD LUCK to everyone.....Happy Hunting!!!!!
I just looked through my pics from past years and here is the dates of my first Chanterelles in the last 3 years.....
2011....June 15th
2012.....June 11th
2013....June 28th's coming!!!!!!!!!
I hope you do good again this year V-energies!!
Thanks for the info, KC! I just started taking notes this year, so I appreciate that. It looks like the chants will be here sooner than I thought, but last year, I was finding the really nice flushes after the Fourth of July all the way into early August. We had a really mild summer along with buckets of rain, which is not typical, which really brought out the chanterelles. I found a mix of species, but Smooth Chanterelles were the most abundant. It seems like it dried up quick though and the Fall was slow for me - better this year I hope. I'm determined to find my first maitake this year! :)

IF it stays this warm and wet, we might be lucky and have a nice and steady summer season. I found a big fat Agaricus (arvensis?) in the front grass yesterday, so the russulas and milkies will pop up any time, maybe today...
I have found them in late May once before. The weather here has certainly been conducive for some early chants IMO
Forgot to say that I have seen some nice white bellied chickens, and Pluteus cervinus (deer mushrooms ) are abundant
I'v e seen a bunch of pics of Chicks on FB the past few days. Pretty early, isn't it? Veronica, what places do you find those Pluteus? I'm much more confident in my Bolete ID this year, so I'm eager for them to start up! I think I want to try a sensibilis even!
nah--the Laetiporus cincinnatus tends to start in mid may and can be found all thru the summer and into fall. The Laetiporus sulphureus is more of a fall mushroom though.

I find the pluteus around stumps and anywhere that wood debris is found such as woodchips .It is known as the sawdust mushroom.
Found some growing out of a hay bail once ...not sure what is up with that
You're always full of valuable info, V! thanks! I didn't know there was such a season length difference between the two chicks.

I waled about the wet woods yesterday and actually found several Cinnabar Chanterelle babies! That means the yellow ones will be here soon, so you have been right on , KC! I also found a Pluteus cervinus yesterday - a huge one by my chicken coop near where I cut down several scraggly little oaks when I built it. I didn't eat it, as I found only the one, but it was kinda gross looking anyway :)
I'm a believer Veronica,in the early Chants that is.Yesterday on the way back to the house I found this(these).
By far the earliest Chanterelles I have found,on 5-29-14 8-O
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Well Vibrant energy's your right...I am full of it ,
info that is lol
here's my fav-o-right read on chickens as well as the wood loving mushroom life style in general

RIP Leslie Land I enjoyed your web site

In my neighborhood we have had about 10 foggy mornings in a row, and it has rained small amounts 3 times a day for a week
I would not at all be surprised if I found red boletes and lobster mushrooms tomorrow

I did end up finding one red bolete, a Boletus Bi-color.
also a few cinnabar chants and several dozen black trumpets
My east picking spot was not as wet as I assumed it would be.
On the way I saw a fully flowered butterfly weed though...a good sign in my book!!
This one was an early spring Chicken that got frost damage.
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Sounds like a great trip Veronica!! I heard that butterfly weed was an indicator of Chanterelles too......
from this dude in Nixa.....anyway he was pretty danged good with shroom knowledge and knew a lot!
Here is a pic of mine showing what Butterfly weed looks like :wink:
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Yes it was a freak happening that the Shelf-Chicken came out that early!!! :lol:
KC, I am waiting on a full report of some chanterelle and black trumpet finds from you.
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