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Chanterelles Geauga County

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Anyone find any chants yet? I have been out a few times but cant tell yet. Lots and lots of small fungus sprouting just cant tell what it is yet.

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no big chants for me yet.All small ones.But to be fair I havent been out in a week.
Found a big patch today. About 20 of the 100 were mature and ready to pick. All were in pristine condition. I have never eaten a chantarelle until today. It was delicious. It was as good as a morel if not better. Also found some chicken of the woods. Will post pics ASAP.
Found some good patches yesterday. Most were just sprouting up. Took some of the larger ones and left the rest.
Also found a nice young chicken of the woods.

Does anyone know how long it takes a Chanterelle to get full size?
Nice Finds. I started finding small Chanterelles last Tuesday over here in NW Ohio. Going to go back out tomorrow and I am excited. Last year when I first found small ones, I waited a week then I went back and there were lots of mature mushrooms for the picking. Nice Chicken, I've yet to get one yet this year.
From my Chant. spots if weather is right and some rain they produce for about 3 weeks. Have had them as big as 5-6 inch wide if left to grow. I always leave plenty to reproduce.
Good luck and enjoy.
Still finding new patches here but it appears the dry hot weather the past week has really slowed the growth. I have been watching a spot in hopes of letting them grow big. A lot were starting to dry out and turn white this week so I did a pretty big harvest. Left the rest to grow and have added a few new patches to check later on. Gonna give the new spots about a week. Will post pics soon....

I agree the weather hasn't helped a lot. I've been disappointed the past two trips I've made to the woods. We did get some decent rain Friday into Saturday over her in NW Ohio that I think will help quite a bit(it was so dry when I went out Tuesday). I was in the woods Saturday evening and saw lots of pins and small Chants under Oak trees. I hope to get some good pictures Tuesday. **** Luck!

This is my first year hunting chants. I am beginning to understand that they grow very very slow. If it is too dry for too long they will turn white and die. We need more rain on a consistent level to allow them to grow big. I found my first sulfur shelf today (aka chicken of the woods). The pic I posted earlier I think was a white chicken? The one today was an extremely fresh and young sulfur shelf chicken. I am amazed at the flavor! It was much much better than I expected and know will be really searching for them. Gonna post some pics....
Nice hauls. I'm going to head out in a little bit and see what I can come up with

The Chickens are great, I like to fry them up just as I would the bird. Good eats for sure!

The Hericiums are really good too, keep your eye out for them.[email protected]/9636488599/" title="Hericium 8-13 001 by CF&E East, on Flickr">
</a>" alt="" /&gt;</a>
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Think I have seen that before but never knew what it was. Will read up and keep my eyes peeled
sulphur shelf is yellow on the bottom ...those look white/cream...if they are white/cream they are laetiporus cincinnatus which is the better of the two IMO.
First trumpets. Found a back pack full all living in moss on steep hill sides.

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