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Chants '13

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Oneida County; I knew it was too soon but I had to check anyway. Plenty of moisture but not enough ground heat. The only Chants I found were buttons. They were on the fringe of a hardwood forest with an open field on its South facing flank. Meguesses that the sun drenched field warms up more then the canopy covered forest enough to push up the Chant buttons. They get both the warm ground temps and the indirect sunshine which they crave. The future looks bright! Enjoy the hunt!
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ALRIGHT!It's on!Geo,i remembered borrowing Mushrooms Demystified from afriend four or five years ago.only had it for a day or two.will get it back on monday.thanx! CHANTS!CHANTS!CHANTS!
I checked one spot, nothing but what I think are fawn mushrooms, not sure of them, they had a white spore print,so I left them.
Geo, do you have any experience with russula vesca and russula muscelina. The look very much alike. I don`t know which one i am picking, but whichever it is, it is plentiful and excellent treat. Finding those in conifer woods right now all ways in groups. My wife thinks they are best mushrooms she ever had. Chants i am finding are buttons as well and they are all full of tiny worms. Found well over 100 of boletus edulis last week, most of them half eaten by slugs.
Sorry, I have no experience with Russulas. I run into them all the time but passed them by because I heard they were insipid. But because your wife likes them I will have to place closer attention to them. Thanks for the info.
Interesting that you are finding boletes, I need to hit the conifers! Enjoy the hunt!
Rosta, I can find very little information on either of the Russulas you mentioned. Will check further.
Went for a walk today only found yellow waxy caps and more fawn mushrooms and some kind of slime mold. but nothing good
Thanks Geo. I think there is 750 different species of Russula. Most of them are not edible, some edible but insipid and very few are very good. Beside great taste my wife likes their firm texture.
Rosta it sounds like your wife will really like lobster mushrooms :)
I am new to the board and in my second year of hunting. Last year I picked the worst possible time to start hunting, in the middle of the drought, but still found a few chants now and then. I am going to hit a bunch of white pines that produced for me early last year tomorrow morning.
running ape,also try hemlocks mixed with hardwoods,especially with some beech.i like to start on the outskirts in beginning of season.there's more light and warmer ground.i move deeper into the woods as the season goes on.that drought hurt last year after a great start.hoping this weather pattern keeps up. GOOD LUCK!
Lynk, Good info! I have good luck in the same environs as you stated. My best finds are primarily under Beech, secondarily under Hemlock, albeit the buttons I found last week were under Basswood and Hop Hornbeam. Never looked for Chants under Pine. RA please keep us updated on the results of your hunt, thx.
Todays hunt was a semi success. I managed to find a number of chant buttons, some were very tiny. I also found a nice bolete that someone had stepped on. All were under white pine. I am still not too confident about selecting areas to hunt. I am trying to find larger, older trees. I am trying to figure out if I should be targeting smaller trees too.
Fogwhisper, thanks for suggestion. I never tried Lobster mushroom before.Will be looking.
running ape,try leisurely walking trails.the state seems to own all the best land.a few areas i hunt i found a couple chants within ten feet of a trail,wandered into the woods and found a sackful.i've also found bunches in patches of favorite time to go out is when it's cloudy and wet.the color really stands out,even from a distance.dappled sun has you chasing every yellow leaf within fifty feet.hope this helps.the season is long if weather permits.happy hunting!
oh yeah,still a touch early,at least here.i don't expect my first good meal's worth 'til after first week of july.
Found a couple new area with Chant buttons, all too small to harvest. Both areas had Beech and Hemlock trees. Saw some yellow waxy caps and picked a nice Boletus sensibilis for ID purposes. Also came across a troop of Fly Agarics (Amanita muscaria). Nice morning to be in the woods. Enjoy the hunt!
sure was,Geo! i forgot to mention on my post earlier, i spent six hours today hiking to find those.enjoyed every minute!i am wiped,but lawn to mow.wish all well!
could someone give me a clue about putting pics on here?figured out how to get them on computer but now stumped.
I usually upload pics to photobucket. It's real easy to create an acct.. Then just copy the photos direct link url and paste it when you're creating a post. Hope this helps.
Have a great Sunday everyone. I'm heading for the woods!! My first time out this year.
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