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Chants '13

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Oneida County; I knew it was too soon but I had to check anyway. Plenty of moisture but not enough ground heat. The only Chants I found were buttons. They were on the fringe of a hardwood forest with an open field on its South facing flank. Meguesses that the sun drenched field warms up more then the canopy covered forest enough to push up the Chant buttons. They get both the warm ground temps and the indirect sunshine which they crave. The future looks bright! Enjoy the hunt!
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Oneida county I seen a phrase painted on a slate tile ." I take my soul for a walk , sometimes my body goes along for the ride" I can relate to that .No better time spent than walking in the woods.
LYNKAGE, I apologize for neglecting to tell you that you have to paste the URL in the drop box that appears when you hit the"image" button that is up above the text box.
sorry about the pics,or lack thereof.daughter tried to post those.she thinks i need a new computer.i thought four years of college was on my side but she can text with her toes!
i'll try myself again,but techno to keep things simple.i still have phone conversations!
take care,good luck and happy hunting!!
Lynk, I feel your pain. Captured some good images but unable to post and too lazy to try to figure it out.
I hunted today for a short while along the mass/ny/vt border. I found some promising areas, and a giant, rotten porcini. I did move through areas with mixed beech and hemlock, but found only a few gilled species.
Cincinnati here. The patch in my front yard started poppin around the 16th. I got a few handfuls, and there were lots more coming up... That is until my neighbor decided to be neighborly and mowed my grass on the lowest setting. All of the remaining chanties were obliterated. I'm hoping this rain coaxes some more out. Damn friendly neighbors!
tried pics to photobucket ,but stalled out again.what's direct link?tried to ''paste'',now keyboard is sticky!anyway,any more clues?maybe i'll just stay with typing.getting calloused on that one finger though. moving on,haven't been out since saturday.good rain on to make it out after work today.GEO,what have you been finding?good luck!

In Photobucket, click on the picture you want to post with your comment, then when it's enlarged , to the right of the picture is 4 codes. Email & IM, Direct, HTML and IMG. Copy the HTML code by clicking on it, then copy it, then paste it to your comment.<a href="" target="_blank" rel="nofollow">
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Depending on your age you may not know how to copy and paste things.........your mouse has two buttons right and left copy you must highlight it ...put little arrow in front of what you want to copy click the left button and hold down while dragging arrow over what you want to copy and let go...should be covered with put the arrow on the blue part and click right bottom a list should appear click on the thing you want to copy is stored in your mouse ........then go to where you want to put it and right click .....list appears again left click on paste ....Tada hope this helps someone
Nice pics of morel in basket. Lynk, haven't been out, work has interrupted my foraging.
I hunted some public land today and found a bunch of chanterelle buttons and small porcini. I also found some tiny flame chanterelles (craterallus species) growing in moss. Thanks for the tips guys. Hemlock is my new friend!
thanx everybody!chants are up here!details at eleven.Fogwhisper,your patience is awesome! i will try all that,i promise!depending on your age?hmm.let you know how i made out.thanks again.
hahahahaha!that was mind numbing!ever start drinking in the morning?there were more pics but this is all i can stand right now.i'm too stubborn to be denied.dozen chants,one king and a puffball of all things yesterday.FOGWHISPER,i'm not old(unless 45 is old to you),just never had interest in computers.figured a year and a half ago i should join the 1990's so i'm trying.too wet to work.i see a ton of hunting in my immediate future!thanx again!APE,congrats!flames?happy hunting!
lynk I actualy was refuring to myself. went to school just before they included computers. So I had to learn the scratch and pick way LOL.last time out I found nothing but a thunder storm.
went out yesterday.found some too far a batch of chants,enough for a meal for two.hope they don't get soggy in next couple days.also found a bicolor past it's prime.
Lovely day! Found a couple handfuls of Chants. Woods was wet, saw various species of inedible and insipid mushrooms. Was able to check out progression of different plant species. The woods have a message to reveal if we can only slow down enough to listen. Enjoy the hunt, Geo
Found some little bottom chants and a huge waterlogged chicken of the pinkish variety :(
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