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Chants '13

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Oneida County; I knew it was too soon but I had to check anyway. Plenty of moisture but not enough ground heat. The only Chants I found were buttons. They were on the fringe of a hardwood forest with an open field on its South facing flank. Meguesses that the sun drenched field warms up more then the canopy covered forest enough to push up the Chant buttons. They get both the warm ground temps and the indirect sunshine which they crave. The future looks bright! Enjoy the hunt!
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got out for a while this morning ,found many upturned mushrooms someone may have beet me to this spot.but i found several mushrooms to good sized bicolored bolete in the pan at the taking of this gilled waxy cap,cinnabar-red chanterelle, flat creps, and a tacky green russula.there a lot of red russula and fly agaric some yellow patches and various other poisonous shrooms to look at.
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Ahhh rain and cooler temps just what the fogwhisper ordered :)
Those are some nice trumpets .what kind of Gillette are those?
I'm so glad you have picture ability geo. I've learned so much from you. being able to see your catch catchall help so much.Abraham I was wondering what kind of bolletes not gelletes soul tells me I have to get out today.
went out this morning with the dog and only found one dictyophora duplicata in a cemetary. kind of a fitting spot really :)
No geo I knew better the flies crawling g all over it kind turned me off :-o
Went back out this afternoon. Found some chants but there buggy now two lobsters some old man of the woods and two boletes unknown I'D .small kind of flat toped color of a perfectly baked dinner roll, yellow pores and red brown thin stem .can't find it in my books ,did not taste bitter and smelled good.any ideas?
So glad to see the rain can't wait to get out there
Nice geo I love seeing photos. going to get out tomorrow if the rain holds off. I'll report any finds of interest
21 - 30 of 138 Posts
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