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Chants '13

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Oneida County; I knew it was too soon but I had to check anyway. Plenty of moisture but not enough ground heat. The only Chants I found were buttons. They were on the fringe of a hardwood forest with an open field on its South facing flank. Meguesses that the sun drenched field warms up more then the canopy covered forest enough to push up the Chant buttons. They get both the warm ground temps and the indirect sunshine which they crave. The future looks bright! Enjoy the hunt!
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Took 4 hours of searching. Found some buttons that I will check on in a couple of days.
Nice looking Chants! What a pretty mushroom!
I have found more and more buttons along trails. Tomorrow I am going to follow a couple of streams and see what I find
fungi everywhere.can't get through a work day without running off to check something i spotted from a distance.found a hedgehog yesterday.a lot of shrooms are early this year.maybe climate change.can't be,''they'' said that's a myth.looks like another rain day.too many of those lately.not good for wallet,but makes for extra hiking time.happy hunting!
Checked a new spot over lunch. They were popping up all over the place. I had next to no time since I was already late getting back to work when I found them. Was able to grab enough for dinner tonight though.

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jcumo- That's my kind of dinner! Nice bunch of chants.
I'm hoping my spot is loaded, will find out in about 1 1/2 hours!
jcumo. those are excellent specimens! Bon Appetite !
nice batch jcumo!i'm finding a lot of bugs and slugs,so picking small ones.but plenty.need to go to my favorite spot,bit of a drive,but with this weather should be loaded.been known to get a couple grocery bags at a time there.also found new spot for all shrooms the forest time forgot,amazing and even a little spooky!fungi everywhere,just wish my knowledge was as deep as those woods.enjoy the holiday weekend everyone!!!
Went back after work and doubled the take home. My wife made stuffed shells for dinner and we fried up the whole batch and piled them on top. It was great
I only got to do a quick sweep of my spots just before dark. All my chanties are still buttons. But I do have some good news for you all. Trumpets are coming up!!!! I have a spot that produces trumpets big time so I knew exactly where to look. They were only visible on spots of bare ground and they're only 1/2 inch tall.
I also found a polypore that somewhat looks like a "hen" but resembles a Polyporus Umbellatus(umbrella polypore) even more! I have no experience with the umbrellas so does anyone know if they really are a rare find? I'll post pics tomorrow.
some friends who expressed interest in shrooming stopped by two days ago.they asked some questions and looked thru my books.they came back last night with several sacksfull for help identifying.they had a pile of chants,different boletes and undesirables.they opened last bag and asked ''ever seen something like this?'' handfuls of trumpets!!talk about beginners luck!i searched for a few years before finding them.they say plenty more there.i must check it out.
congrats lynk, I have not been out with all this rain, but I'm ewnjoying your picture very much keep um coming.
You people are on it! Keep the reports coming in and enjoy the hunt!
Checked out a new spot, did not see any chants but think I found a king bolete growing from the base of a hemlock doing a spore check on it .I also found a small bolete kind of yellowish looked it up but can't I'd it.boy that humidity kills me.
warren county, ADKs. chanterelles are up and boletes have started as well. i find chanterelles under oak, hemlock, pine , birch, and beech. anyone have any info on soil types that they prefer?
could use some help on positive ID on rich brown ones.wrinkled,felty top,white mesh real tight to cap.narrowed it down but not sure.would love anybodies input!GEO,what do you think?good day if not for skeeters and humidity is killing me too,fogwhisper.HAPPY HUNTING!!!
Lynk, Nice haul! It is hard to tell with the pics and I am not too good with Boletes but my first guess would be Boletus separans. Spore print? Do they bruise brown when cut, how quickly? Under hardwoods? Man they look tasty ifin they are separans. Nice catch! Let me know what you come up with, I need to put more effort into this genus. Been away for family obligations, hope to get out tomorrow. Will report good or bad. What are you people using for Bolete IDing? Enjoy the hunt, Geo
Wow! This is a million times better than last year. I found a nice bunch of chants on wednesday. I sauteed them in butter and ate them one by one. They have to be one of the worlds best foods.
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