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Chants '13

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Oneida County; I knew it was too soon but I had to check anyway. Plenty of moisture but not enough ground heat. The only Chants I found were buttons. They were on the fringe of a hardwood forest with an open field on its South facing flank. Meguesses that the sun drenched field warms up more then the canopy covered forest enough to push up the Chant buttons. They get both the warm ground temps and the indirect sunshine which they crave. The future looks bright! Enjoy the hunt!
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jcumo,one bitter bolete in the mix will spoil an entire meal.did find that they don't always taste bad when you nibble a young one.been singing praises to mushroom gods and frollicking in the woods!checked ears when i got home,not pointed yet.been so fortunate so far this year.picked 15 bicolor and 5 kings at lunch and a sackful of kings and chants after of luck to all!
after 2 hours of hikeing I finally found some chants that were not buggy.also pretty sure I found a amanita caesarea but i like life so I'm not taking that chance.brought home a couple for IDing little brown mushroom ? I'm going with LBM and some type of bolete , fuzzy purple brown top and tan smooth stem things that make you go hhhmm. I'm going to try the old man of the woods and going to devour the chants the others will be investigated and thrown out. I don't eat very many gilled mushrooms not sure enough of myself. Picture to follow
Yeah, that looks like an A. Caesar to me. I find plenty of them but never consumed any. The buzz is that they aren't as tasty as the variety Caesar ate ( European). . Haven't even been tempted to try one yet. Pretty fungi though! Have tried Old Man and they were good. Can't get over the action this board is getting, every time I read a report I want to get out there. This working for a living is so over rated. Going up to the Dacks soon and will do some poking around up there. All you good folks keep at it, I am learning a lot. Thx, Enjoy the hunt!
I hope someone knows what it is, because I see it a lot and never find a picture, that looks just like it.
I have to get back out there and get the rest of the chants I left. happy hunting guys and gals
Try Black Staining Polypore ( Meripilus giganteus )
Lithic Hunter
It's Grifola umbellate and if you can find a fresh, unbuggy one, they are great tasting. I think they're better then the " Hen of the Woods "
That's great to know Jack! Thank you!
It was a tad buggy when I found it.
does anyone have any info on what temp/humidity promotes chanterelle growth? i found a really nice chanterelle spot that has lots of little chanterelles. i have left them to grow but they seem to have stopped growing and i want to get them before the bugs and rain ruin them. does a chanterelle do most of its growing in one day or is it over a 3-5 day period?
kg,i've left chants to grow like that just to find others within a couple feet sprout and outgrow them.also found them sprouting in dry conditions.who knows?!i'll pick the smaller ones if i see bugs getting them,better some than none. been catching up on chores but picked a mess of boletes this morning before work.try to do pics later.grabbing cold one and mowing now.good luck!
onieda county went back out and picked the rest of the chants found some more old man and and some hedgehogs to buggy to eat but still good to see.found several boletes still working on the id seen some velvet fairy wings intresting and orange pink and yellow spiky things I have to look up later geogym you need to take a day off and get out there it's like walking into a living field guide there are so many different mushrooms blomming :)
I hear you! Half day tomorrow and then I am gone. Glad to hear of your success. See you in the woods! Thanks, Geo.
another batch about the same after work today in same spot stones throw from job site.i'll take it,but not very challenging.need to hit some other spots this weekend. a friend from czech rep. made us a dumpling and shroom gravy thing that was heaven last night.good to have friends! have a good weekend and even better hunt!!
has anyone ever found cauliflower mushrooms in NY state? i found one when i lived in the pacific NW but never seen any in NY. they are a great edible that i would love to have again.
my truck won't let me go straight there a shroom addicts hotline?having a ball!could use rain and someone to do my chores.Good Hunting!!!
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got out for a while this morning ,found many upturned mushrooms someone may have beet me to this spot.but i found several mushrooms to good sized bicolored bolete in the pan at the taking of this gilled waxy cap,cinnabar-red chanterelle, flat creps, and a tacky green russula.there a lot of red russula and fly agaric some yellow patches and various other poisonous shrooms to look at.
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need rain here. went to a spot i hadn't been for a couple weeks.i waited to long,tons of shrooms,just too far gone or bug ridden.heat waves suck.stay cool!
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