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Clarksville TN hunters

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Any fellow hunters in or near Clarksville TN? How has your luck been? Went out near LBL today and nothing. Hopeing with more rain and good temps this next weekend will hopefully be the weekend!
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I didn't have any luck last weekend I went to the LBL with my family. I even went today in Trigg County and I didn't find any there either. Hope they start popping soon.
I am East of Murray about 10 miles...I went out today in our timber. Leaves are kinda dry. we still need some rain. GOT to have the rain and warm temps. Only thing I found was a few elephant ears, I ate them as a kid, but don't plan on it now. *l*
Hey Sunnyd! Thanks for the info, hopefully after these next couple days of rain were suppose to get it they will start a popping!
Here I sit in Big Rock watching the Army shoot flares over some training exercise (or could it be some troops out night hunting shrooms?). The door is open so it's warm enough and a little water and my back hill should start producing. Can't wait for that first skillet full of tasty treats. Got my Jeep back out of the shop today so out to LBL this weekend and into places most can't get to. Life is good!
Hope you don't get caught there...Illegal to take "anything" off Federal wanted to go hunting over there and was told it is a crime if ya get caught) I am only 8 miles from the west bridge...

I still have a few left from last year...*g* cooked some last week...Tasted like FRESH ones....but need to RESTOCK!
I have hunted them all my life in Mo....Moved here and went last year....nothing...HOPING I can find some spots this year...
Hunted all my life with my father, in Iowa. Never went a single season without a few bags to throw in the season to enjoy during the winter. Moved here and nothing too. The land is a lot different here, so is the weather. Need to try and get my dad down here to help me out haha.
hi there, im in murfreesboro only till saturday, would really like to get out in some woods, if anyone can help!!
dont go on how dry the leaves are, i have been finding them in far east tenn. it is still early here but the drainage draws, hollers and creek/river bottoms are producing. if we get a good solid day of rain, they should be out everywhere! keep pounding ground, it will eventually pay off....there are some out there to find. good luck
hey, think im gonna go check out cedars of lebanon state park. is that a decent place to go??
In the state of TN you can not look in State Parks(protected areas) as they call state parks here in TN. Your only allowed too look on Federal land or private land.
well, i called cedars of lebanon and they said your allowed to mushroom hunt!?
Dnr and the Wildlife troopers i have talked to said your not allowed to. Do as you wish though.
:) well thank you, i will make sure i get permission before i go out for sure!!! never want to get in trouble!!! where do you usually hunt at around here???
I go to the LBL because its the only Federal land close to where i live at. I just cant go on post to mushroom hunt is all.
went to cedars of lebanon, didnt find any! yes snookie you are able to hunt there. i went to front desk and asked, he said no problem! i do believe there might be some in there!! so, what is the LBL??? I think it would be cool if you'd want to meet somewhere and hunt before i head back home to ohio! i'd like to find some tennessee mushrooms!!
LBL is Land between the lakes....Federal Land that they ran the owners off of back in the 60's.....about 10 miles wide and 70 miles long...between the Tennessee River (Kentucky Lake) and the Cumberland River (Lake Barkley....
I can't go mushroom hunting during the week because I babysit during the day. Plus my foot isn't feeling to well right now I have been waling way to much on it since my surgery. I just wish they mushrooms would grow around where Im at. It stinks that everyone else is finding them and I can't seem to find them. I should just ask my Dad to meet me in Brookville and go when it times there..
I found four blacks near Indian Mound two weeks ago but nothing since then.
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