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Does it seem like this season will be late due to the cold weather we have been having?

I see a lot of post saying known spots have not popped yet. The morels I found Weds, haven't grown at all since.

I'm in North East Ohio , just wondering if anyone was thinking the same.
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same goes over in the nw side of state, i found a mess of greys wed along fence row but check other spots today, cold & windy, looking like mid week should be
Still cold in geauga..... Usually found something by now in previous years....people I know in Athens are just starting to get in full swing... We are usually a week or so behind them...70's next week, should bring 'em up
I agree. I haven't spent a lot of time looking, because of the temperature. But I have visited spots where I have found blacks, yellows, and half-frees in the past. I haven't spotted one yet!
I'm also from northeast Ohio.
I have been out a bunch this past week and have not seen anything in Geauga County. Found a couple dryads and ramps. Also went to Mantua on Sunday.

Yep - seems like the cold has a stunt on them - at least that's what I'm hoping in NE Ohio (near Youngstown). Been out twice - saw a few false morels (Verpas) that are supposed to come out even before blacks? The warmth today should be a good thing. Im looking for a good year. :-D
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