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Cool Weather Question?

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Hello, Ive been lurking on this site now for a couple years and decided to join so I can ask some of you experts some questions, any advice will be greatly appreciated. I live just southeast of Lincoln 20 or so miles, I have some success every year, timing as always depends on the weather. My question to you guys and gals is What are these shrooms gonna do during this cold stretch? We have plenty of moisture now and we went and looked yesterday and nothing. To me it looked like as far as how tall the grass and weeds were that we are about a week off in this area. But I have been fooled lots. It looks like its not gonna warm up till sunday. Like I sad before any advice is appreciated

Thanks Michael
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They've already popped in a lot of places and will their growth will just slow. More will pop when it gets warmer again and the ones that have will continue to get bigger and easier to see. By the way they don't "pop" they grow over a number of days. There are good sized ones out around Omaha but also countless little ones we miss because they are still so small. They will just be slowed down the next couple days is all.
I haven't studied that really cause I pick them when I find them but most would agree 2 weeks from things I've seen and read. All depends on temp and rain though. If its crazy hot with no rain will be faster.
I do grab them when they're there in public for sure but no sir they do not pop. Seriously. Acutally the guy who runs has a Facebook group and posted pictures daily of a very tiny one he found and it grew to be about 4 inches in 16 days total. So, you're wrong.
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