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  1. Eric Ries

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    Hi all! First time member here. I have been hunting/finding morels for several years now and have some random questions that you all might be able to help with...

    1. My spots seem to dry up. I will find great quantities in a spot for a few years. Then little to no action at all in those spots after that. Is it possible to over harvest?

    2. Do morels pop up over night/in one day, or does it take several days for them to grow?

    3. If you leave smaller morels, will they grow into larger morels in a few days/weeks?

    4. Do wildlife critters eat morels?


  2. Morel Master

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    I know the deer beat me to some honey holes...
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  3. HawkeyeMerkels

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    Welcome to the site Eric! I cant answer Question#1 w/certainty. However, to me Morels populating, fruiting & symbiotic relationship w/host tree is still abit of a mystery. One may try to understand it, then it throws us for a loop. Observe, learn, adapt, & apply is my best advice.
    Question#2&#3 Morels pace of growth is dependant on weather conditions. A morel in an ideal environment, may prosper for around 2.5wks before decay sets in. Small morchella will grow larger, if unharmed.
    Question#4 Yes, some animals eat morels & other wild mush.
    G'Luck to Ya this season & eat those schrooms before those deer do! ;)Cheers!!:D
  4. jdaniels313

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    Here's my 2 cents Eric; 1. While it is possible to have a negative impact on an area (especially if rakes and the like are used) I think most members have had this same experience. But look at it this way; it does make you go find new spots, right? 2. They can 'pop' overnight but they don't pop at full size. If you leave the small ones for a few more days you will almost always see them get bigger! 3. (see last answer) 4. Yes. Deer do eat them and I have even seen squirrels partake, although I don't know if they do regularly. Welcome to the sight and Happy Shroomin'.....!