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Discussion in 'Ohio' started by steve-o1971, Apr 26, 2014.

  1. steve-o1971

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    Been out just once this year...last week, and didn't do any good. We got rain and the sun is out and it stayed fairly warm last couple nights so i think i will go out this Eve. and give it another try, should be seeing blacks, and grays right about now. Keep me informed on other surrounding counties. Good Luck!
  2. that_guy

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    hey steve...i live in crawford county also....ive found about 5 a week ago and i thought the season was just starting they were very fresh and little so i left them...and have been out about every day luck really a few here and there but the cold we had this past week i think really hurt them cause the ones i left didnt get any bigger so i finally picked them a few days ago....i usually have decent luck....find a couple houndred a year but nothing like some of these guys that get 15 season is weird i seen some of the woods are really getting green which i think is really going to be hard to find morels when they do start really popping up.....the warm weather in a few days im hoping will help if not i dont know what to do! hahah