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Crazy weather

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Another year, another morel season. Anyone have any theories about our continuing winter pattern and the effect it'll have on morels? Obviously, the cool temps will delay the start of the season. Will the extra snow help moisten up the ground for spring? That's my hope, at least.
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I like the rain were getting, forcast shows warmer weather in a couple weeks. First find was 4/27 last year that won't be the case this year.
Just please let it only rain, I have never found a snow morel but this may be the year it may happen, lol hope not
Schrooming Nana~I hear you on the snow morel nice slow warm up this year. I am hoping the rain will give us a great season :)
I'm with you on that SpringPeepers, if the morel season is as good as the maple season was, I'm gonna be in morel heaven,.
It really is exciting~I am in Northern Indiana so we are thinking maybe end of this week or next.
With all the snow here in Minnesota still, (I think we are entering the ice era), so can't even hope when they will come out of deep freeze.
That was gave our family a chuckle :)

OOHHHH!!!! The calm before the storm, the moisture will be good for the mushrooms, If keep telling myself that enough the snow we will get tonight won't hurt so bad.
Only in Minnesota the Land of Ten Thouusand seasons and they all can happen in the SAME week. LOL Little hard to think of getting into the spirit and look out the window and see crap weather like this. Will it ever end????
5" of snow yesterday and it's snowing now. Last year we were finding them 2 weeks ago...Don't see how they appear for at least another 2 weeks.
I think I am going to put the xmas tree back up.
I am taking a gamble on Memorial weekend, I took off work and will be hunting for 6 days….hope the snow melts by then in SE MN
Last year I found them in the twin city areas on the 1st of may!!! I am going to come up to MN the week of the 19th...hopefully by then I will find a few lbs to give to all my shroom loving friends who love my gifts to them each year at this time..:)) AZ had crazy weather this year too...we actually had SNOW in Phoenix!!! peoples trees died, pipes in pools was awful!! All the added moisture could not hurt at all.....wasn't last year a bad year for most of the state due to the dryness??
Yeah, we were in a drought going into last winter. I glanced at Paul Douglas' blog the other day and he said this latest batch of snow pushed us out of the drought. I'm kind of hoping the moisture keeps up (although in a warmer, rainier format). :)
On a totally unrelated note, can anyone tell me how to change the profile pictures on here? I've looked around in my profile settings, but I just can't seem to find the place to edit it. As much as I'm amused by my little cranky green cartoon man, I feel like it adds a surly element to my otherwise un-surly posts. :D
Actually, this time last year we weren't in a drought, that didn't start until later. We had good rains which helped when the drought did hit, farmers still had record corn crops here, and in Missouri they were devastated by the drought.

Last years season was basically over in / near the cities May 12th. This year May 12th will be the start.
Ah, I interpreted Sarah's post differently than you, Austin. When I said "going into last winter," I meant October/November 2012.

I don't remember the official moisture standings from last spring, but it was a good year for us for finding morels. I do remember a lot of people on this board saying it was a bad year for them though.
I'm thinking about heading to Minnesota on the 19th do you guys think that's to soon? Around Rockford Houston area
One thing I heard from meteorologists was that with the ground thawed and the amounts of snow we had this spring, it really helped the ground moisture because it seeps in slower. 60's and 70's this week for the most part. Perfect conditions. Last year we had all that moisture early and than BAM 90 degrees and everything dried up. Morels do not like that sudden change, especially to dry and 90. Good luck everyone, it is looking to be a good season.
Where about are you searching in SE MN Cwboymn1? I am hoping to find a few soon too!
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