Dang weather............

Discussion in 'Nebraska' started by morelgal44, Apr 22, 2015.

  1. morelgal44

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    I havent had much luck in my area, although I found a turkey egg and some other kind of fungus growing out of a ol log on the ground. Ink top mushrooms are coming up as well. Hopefully the morels will be a poppin in 2 weeks or so in my area. I wish the best of luck to all pickers this year!!
  2. dean

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    Only 2 inchers in Eastern Nebraska so far. From freeze to 80 degrees. We have seen it before, get ready to deal with it.

  3. slicker_picker

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    This weather is absolutely perfect. I have been working late all week but pulled 4lbs last weekend in 4 hours, and a buddy of mine has been killin em in eastern nebraska. Forget all you think you know. Skip the dense woods. Stick to the edges and open grasses. They are popping fresh all over. Just gotta know where to look. This weekend is going to be great!! Good luck.