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Day of Fools

Discussion in 'Nebraska' started by shroomanitutanka, Apr 1, 2015.

  1. shroomanitutanka

    shroomanitutanka Morel Connoisseur

    Happy Fool's Day! Welcome back all to this forum! I am pleased by everyone's enthusiasm, especially the young bucks! We should all be so rife with anticipation. Don't be hasty though. Now is the time to get out and scout the ground. Ground temps are good, especially with the recent warm weather. It's moisture we need now. Perhaps tonight's rains will help turn the corner. I understand that with the storms last night in Texas & Oklahoma, it may have drawn off some moisture coming up from the gulf & maybe lessen the severity of the storms we do get. Pray that we get something. We always need a good rain to get started. Some things to look for when you start to scout:

    1. The Strawberry Mite-perhaps the earliest sign that shows me that we are at least 2 weeks out. it's hard to miss a crawling red spot in all the brown. Take the time to take a close look at these little guys. They are something to behold!

    2. The Woodland Violet-White & purple little gems. These show me that we are about a week out.

    3. Dutchman's Breeches-they look like a little pair of upside down white puffy pants. Look closely around you. The little grey morels are there!

    It is important, as I believe Sporeloser said, to adjust your 'peepers'. My good friend "Eyes on the Ground" will be a good source for timing & advice on this site. If I was a wagering man, I would bet on 4-12. Let's see a post with a verified date. Then the game is on!
    Happy Hunting to All!
  2. shroomanitutanka

    shroomanitutanka Morel Connoisseur


    This is a fairly accurate progression map. As a general rule of thumb, they march northward at about 100 miles per week.

  3. sporeloser

    sporeloser Morel Connoisseur

    I can't take credit for the peepers comment but it Is very true for the early season. Them little greys are tough to see I like to pull up a pick on my phone and get my eyes adjusted to what I'm looking for. I too think were a couple weeks away but I couldn't help my self so my son and I went out last Sunday scouting some new areas and found some nice dead elms.