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We took a chance and stopped up in the old Delta Fire Area but it is dry, dry DRY up there too! Just spent a half day but didn't see anything worth reporting from the Slate Creek area. (see map)
The next day we went to a couple of my "fer sure" places between Shingletown & Viola, but I am totally bummed to report that Sierra Pacific went in and clear cut some large areas (I didn't think they did that anymore!) that went right through my spots. It was so devastated that I couldn't even tell where these 'spots' used to be. The ONLY silver lining is they did replant one of the clear cuts. We found some snow flowers and one solitary Oyster on a tree that was still standing.
Wish it was better news. It sure makes you appreciate the forest even more knowing it can change or disappear that fast!
SLATE CREEK ROAD CLOSURE 2018-2019.jpg HIRZ-DELTA FIRE AREA 2018-2019.jpg CA Snow Flower.jpg Oysters  5-2021.jpg
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