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Dire need of a mentor Eau Claire

Discussion in 'Wisconsin' started by eire, May 16, 2013.

  1. eire

    eire Young Morel

    Ok, I've been trying this for 4 years.. a bit more every spring and I've found nothing. I turkey hunt so I'm in the woods alot scouting and hunting and if I see (what I think is) an Elm, I go investigate. Nothing.. Then when I'm driving and see one, I pull over and check.. nothing. Anyone around the Eau Claire / Elk Mound area want to team up a bit to show me the ropes? I'm pretty outdoorsy but this has baffled me! grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

  2. smeurett

    smeurett Young Morel

    Stay strong-The Ec area (and EC county and Clark Co.) are not prime morel hunting grounds. I've been in the same situation-scouring every elm I could find. I've yet to find good spots around here. I've had better luck south in the coulee region where they have "real" morels!

  3. hiuhityiu

    hiuhityiu Young Morel

    I would say broaden your search. They do grow around elms but, also in shrubs under dead. Leaves.
    There doesn't have to be a pattern. They will grow where
    The spores land, I personally have a lot of luck on ridges
    Especially around running water streams rivers etcetera.
    Also under wide based trees you would have to crawl
    To get under great spot to find Grey's.