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and have found NOTHING AT ALL. im searching the silverwood lake rec. area, it starts at about 3200 and i went up to about 3600 (above s.wood) and found a number of common mushrooms. i followed everything to a T. waited for right temps, went a week or so after rain, searched around all the right trees(or mostly the right ones), right landscape, right weather conditions after rain(it was a very noticeable leap into spring here), everything...but to no avail. the excitement i built while reading and watching fading. :cry:

and the worst part of it is, i dont have a single person to refer to for anything at all. everything i learned was on my own. now i just need to see a small patch in real life and i'll be set, i have a photographic memory so that plays to my advantage (and in teams, benefits everyone - ive been in similar situations to find something, im almost always first to find it if i know what im seeing) for stuff like this. when i see something and take a mental picture, i can put that image into my head and compare it to what im currently seeing in life.

so basically, i'd be able to almost JOG(ok a brisk walk, faster than everyone ive seen in vids or read) through the forest and find most - if not, all - patches i'd run by. when i compare the image in my head to what im currently seeing in real life, my eyes will be able to pick out only that particular shape/image and they can ignore everything else very easily. that seems like itd be a useful ability with this.

any help, any advice, any direction, ANYTHING would be much appreciated. even if someone were to take me, show me whats up and everything, even if its a low yield spot, i'd gladly give half of what IIIIII find ON TOP OF telling that person to keep everything they found(unless they didnt care and told me to keep everything i found haha)
Hello to you New Morel Hunter
FYI, my son who was attending school at Fullerton (until the pandemic) found lots of morels in the new landscaping on campus! lol, go figure, and right after the rains, etc. They may be there now as a matter of fact.
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