early holes = same holes?

Discussion in 'Tennessee' started by drrock, Apr 2, 2013.

  1. drrock

    drrock Young Morel

    Do you all find that the early blacks and greys come up in the same \"holes\" you find your regular season batches?
  2. ricard76

    ricard76 Morel Connoisseur

    I will find blacks for about 3 weeks in the same patches but there will usually be 1 good flush where the patch produces several usually following that "perfect" 2-3 day stretch of weather. I notice that I tend to find my earlier blacks at higher elevations for example 800 ft above sea level versus say 600 ft. I think that is because of the air temps being warmer at the higher elevations. In your mountain areas that philosophy would be reversed at your more extreme elevations.