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East Central Iowa

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Any reports around the Springbrook/Maqouketa/Bellvue area?
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im in cedar county and found 60 grays yesterday
Thanks Brandon thats right around the corner I believe! A Buddy and I are traveling from Ohio to that area and we're trying to narrow down a time frame so we dont get skunked. I appreciate any updates you can provide. Planing on next weekend,Any thoughts on timing?
Heard a few smalls. Not much yet as of Sun. Bet the rain has helped.
I was refering to the Springbrook, Maquoketa, Bellevue area question....
Air temps dont look the greatest but ground temps are hovering around 60deg. Gotta be getting close to some good finds.
Mushhunter,do you know any of the Rubels?
I think starting sunday should be excellent. Nice warm up on saturday with some sun finally. Went out again this evening in the rain and found another 20 grays
"Pshyc"...No, i don't know the Rubels. I went out Wed. and checked two of my trees. Only 2 mushrooms at each. Decided to save my energy for the weekend. The hardest part of mushroom hunting is being patient for them to start popping. I hope this year the hardest part is lugging around all of the mushrooms i find. :)
Thanks "Mush", I think we're gonna head that way next Wednesday if everything goes well! Please keep me posted!
In Maquoketa over the weekend. Will post results. Anyone else finding anything in the area yet?
Shroomhawk,heard from locals a couple small greys! let me know what you come up with!
450 Grays in Cedar Rapids today. Not mine just word of mouth
pshyc: In maquoketa today. Sorry to say no luck at any of my honey holes. Need heat. Hopefully by Wednesday!!!
Thanks shroomhawk! My buddy was actually out there friday/saturday. they found a mixed bag mostly greys a few yellows.were heading out wednesday gonna try our luck.I'll let you know how it goes.
Getting so antsy to find my first one this year, no luck yet in the cedar valley area
Slayed 134 grays today by Maquoketa, IA
Nice find TheNeer! Are these along rivers or in hills? Any particular trees you are finding them around? Thanks for any information and good luck!
Found all these in a 40ft radius on a south facing hill about 300 yrds from the Maquoketa river. Elm and Walnut trees around but mostly open area with May apples and little under brush. Good Luck
Hey Neer save some for me! I'll be making a 9hr road trip Wednesday to slay them on Thursday and!
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