Eastern Iowa 2016

Discussion in 'Iowa' started by shroomhawk, Apr 26, 2016.

  1. shroomhawk

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    Jackson County - I have checked my honey holes every day and found 1 small gray. Any good news out there yet?
  2. shroom god

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    I feel your pain, Shroom Hawk. As many others have also noted, this seems to be a bad year. Even the ticks stayed home!

    I was up in Jackson County visiting in-laws on Sunday and took a look that afternoon at Buzzard Ridge just east of Canton. The timber wasn't the best--lots of walnut--but I found a few large elms that produced about 40 altogether, mostly medium-sized grays. When I handed them over upon return it sure made my 87-year-old father-in-law's day! He's been a man of the woods all his life and has great mushroom lore to share, but he resolved this year that he just can't do it anymore. I dread that day....but at least he can still fish.

    Good luck Shroom Hawk. Keep us posted on your exploits. This is a tough year.