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El Dorado or Cheney this weekend?

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I'll be in the El Dorado and Cheney area this weekend. Anyone know if the morels are going strong down there, are waning, or are done already?

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i have searched every where in El Dorado not a single shroom . Not sure about Cheny. Might be worth a shot. I went yo Fort Riley today and found 4-5 lbs. All the ones around wichita arr done i havd found several lbs of completly dried ones. Good luck everyone be safe.
Rico, were the morels at Riley dried up or moldy from the rain? Thanks.
There were some you could tell came up before the rain. Most that we found were super fresh. They should be flushing hard in 3-4 days. If you go to Fort Riley make sure you get a vechicle pass and you have to register online. So you can check in and out while on base. The game wardens are nailing people for not having the proper documentaion. Good luck all be safe.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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