Even in the cold, the morels are still hot in Norfolk

Discussion in 'Nebraska' started by packman mike, May 1, 2014.

  1. packman mike

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    They are freaking thick again in this area. It has to be from the flood we had 3 years ago.It is literally insane. I've been doing this for 44 years, and the last 3 have been record numbers for me.I've been going out every day since Sunday and 3lbs. is the smallest haul. 11 lbs. in about 3 hours on Sunday. Public land and everyone and their dog has been out there.But I keep on going there and picking more. Time to switch things up and hit my private spots......My sweet Lord!!!! I know I'm in for a treat this weekend. Quit waiting for pictures and get your ass out there.
  2. rj

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    Pac man you said it best, so folks follow his advice and get out there and pick up some of mother earths finest treasure.
    If you have to much for family and friends give me a call if its a large amount I'm paying $18.00 lb. 816-244-5014.