Fall Morel Season 2015

Discussion in 'Texas' started by morelorel, Oct 23, 2015.

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    As some of us know during the right conditions Morchella species do fruit during the fall here in Texas. With the change in weather patterns to a wetter, cooler climate coming and 3-6 inches of rain dumping on Central Texas this weekend something tells me we may be in for a decent fall flush in mid November. Hope to find some myself in the hill country. If anyone does please celebrate your rare finds with us. I wish everyone bold enough to venture out this fall the best of luck. Post any picture of your finds with that day's newspaper otherwise no one will believe your tale of fall morels. :mrgreen:

    Here is a repost of the mycoinfo article on Fall morels in Texas:
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    Orel...thinking I'm going to use fall morels as an excuse to get out in the woods here soon! Thanks for the article.

    Do you have any thoughts on the need for a freeze to reset them...or just some cooler temps?
    Any thoughts on soil temp?