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    Fantastic-Fungi-DAY-Digital-copy.jpg Hey you guys, on a different note, March 26th is being considered "Fantastic Fungi Day". It's a film by Paul Stamets and Louis Schwartzberg and they are downloading it so everyone can see it for free.(but only that day) It's worth seeing! Just go to: and follow the prompts. I'll post this in a couple other forums too. Happy Shroomin'.......
    (Update: it's not free. You can rent for $4.95 or buy for $14.99. Sorry for the misinfo at first)
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    Tried to view it, went to the site and gave my e-mail address in order to connect, but did not. Site seemed to be stuck in a loop, since it went back around and asked for my e-mail again with the button to press to "connect". So, I came back here and read your entire post. OK, it will cost me $4.95, but I might still do it. Looked at the trailers, and some of the cinematography is really spectacular. Does the rental go beyond today, or is the 26th the only day to do that?