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Finally they're here!

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I found some yellows and greys yesterday, only two more weeks of waiting to eat Morels .
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I live in Shelbyville here in middle Tenn. I have woods on my property that produce hundreds of Morels each year. I look other places for them but i rarely find them. We are lucky that we have our own private patch. Good luck hunting.
that's nice.. i have an area i always go to .. seems it produces good every other year...
I will pay you for some. I live in Tullahoma. I have not had any for years. I grew up in MN where they where everywhere. It is one of those many things I miss from home. :-|
I live in Shelbyville also and have about 1000 acres to hunt but no luck so far, any tips on were to look. I have looked by hard woods dead trees and fence rows.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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