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Finally! Tioga county.

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Found about 5 lbs today. Caught them just in time, rain and bugs hit them hard. Dont know it there will be a second flush, but I didn't get skunked this year.
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Posted pic in photo section. Hopefully it came out ok.
Picture from yesterday.[email protected]/8731640776/in/photostream
Found another 60 or 70 the past 2 days. Most are getting pretty beat up. I left over half of them in the woods. Here's a few I kept. All around elms.[email protected]/8737218552/in/photostream
found another 11 under one tree. Hunted another half dozen areas an found zip. I went on a tulip poplar forage. Found some trees and will check them next year. May try the Adirondacks next week when I am up there. Otherwise, I'm pretty much done in my area this year. Gonna dig a few more ramps and fish for walleye.
My stepson and I finished the morels I left a couple days age. The grew some but were mainly drying out. Most were very good though, and he really enjoyed picking them. ended up keep 47. Took him crappie fishing and kept 15 for a meal. I think hes hooked on both!
Nice find,spent the last 4 hrs looking here in the northern fulton county,finally found 5,1st of the year.I thnk it's been to dry.These will have to satisfy my palette in about 2 hrs,at least i didn,t get skunked,found them around a dead cherry,musta looked around 200 dead elms,no luck.
Mitch, Great score! Your son is lucky to have been introduced to the magic of the morel but you are luckier to be the one to make the introduction.
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