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There is going to be a shortage of Fire Morels in the Pacific Northwest this year. The Forest Service will not issue any commercial mushroom picking permits.. Almost all of the commercial Fire Morel crop is picked on the National Forest Lands. They are not going to be available this year.
Fortunate for me, I have large tracks of private land to pick on. None of the mushrooms that I sell will be picked on public land.
The mushrooms are picked and shipped the same day. I dry all of the mushrooms that are not shipped on the day I pick them.
.As with all wild edibles, supplies are limited. I am looking for a small number of repeat buyers.
Quality, fresh food is the service that I provide.
I pick 10 to 20 pounds a day, weather permitting.
Fresh, $40 a pound. plus shipping. I prefer to ship 2nd day air using ice packs.
Dryed, $400 a pound. Free shipping
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