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First Day Out

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Virgin trip to no avail,pretty early around the clinton area, but is only a matter of a short time away. ANXIOUS!
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We went today in Cherryvale, Ks. found 55. Went to 3 places. Found 26 in a 5 foot area. Off to a good start.
found four today. Will go back out tomorrow
Went scoping out my usual hunting areas today (Near Junction City and Manhattan, KS) and did not find any morels in most of my areas, but found a group totaling 31 tiny greys (most were about 1/2 inch tall and two were about 2 inches tall) in an overgrown grassy area near a dirt road (where I had found morels before in the past- it's actually my only morel hunting area that is not in the woods). They were all yellowing and the ground was really dry and most were still partially hidden under trampled tall dry grass. Deer hoof prints were about two feet away from the find. We need more rain!
Went out turkey hunting and found 27 blonds. No turkey but at least I found a new shroom spot and that is worth it. Will post a pic soon.
We are new to the area. Went around river walk today and found a few but don't really know where to look around here. I know people don't like to give up their secret spots but any suggestions in the Fort Riley/ Junction City area? Thanks!
Actually went out looking today while snowing and trying to find em in snow covered areas. Actually did find an edible shroom by the name of (tree ear), myco name auricularia auricula. If knew how to post, would show a pic.
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