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ksmorel, I know what your mind is doing right now. Just more info. to process and confuse. Some day when we have clones you can be in 3 places at once and pick all the spots, but not yet my man. Of course if you get your son well trained by 5 or 6 you can send him into the sticker bushes. You will be older by then and need the help. I think RP needs to go to the hills and you need to go back east. Then whoever does best I'll follow.You guys have learned by now that I am a true indicator of where morels are not this year, for the most part, so be sure to leave MORE patches for me to pick. I'll probably walk around a few miles before I pick them, seems to be my style. Then we can meet up in the middle, you know where, and I can poach on one of your SECRET spots.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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