First of the season

Discussion in 'Tennessee' started by grfass, Apr 19, 2014.

  1. grfass

    grfass Young Morel

    Just found my first Morel of the season in Paris, Tennessee.
  2. aviater

    aviater Morel Enthusiast

    They used to tell me a morel poped up over night, NOT TRUE, they grow over several days to a week. I have some out there still growing. Sometimes I find just the little stub and it will take about a week before I actually have a decent morel. I'm so glad you found that one, there's bound to be more soon, somewhere close by. It's fun finding them, but it's much more fun frying them up for munchin! LOVE EM'. I seen at the cancer auction someone brought in a bag with 18 morels in it and it brought 25 bucks, that's more then a buck a shroom! : )