First Pick of the Season...

Discussion in 'Nebraska' started by slicker_picker, Apr 18, 2015.

  1. slicker_picker

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    Finally, Ill have my first taste of em tomorrow. Anyone have a good Oyster recipe? ][​IMG]
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  2. 0101010101

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    Nice. I always saute Oysters in butter and put them on... anything. :mrgreen:

  3. nebrcatman

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    I found my first shrooms of the season Sat. I cooked about half of them up just the way I like em. I take bacon , cut into small pieces... fry till cooked, add pieces of onion and green pepper ...garlic salt and pepper and then add a good bunch of shrooms cleaned and split. Stir all in the skillet till cooked. Then I add a few eggs ..yoke and whites whipped together with some table cream. Add the eggs to the mixture in the skillet..... cook alittle longer...... and then Enjoy!!!. The shrooms just make everything better!!! Have made shrooms dipped in eggs and various dip mixes blended with crackers and flour and fried in skillets or in a deep fat fryer. Tons of way to cook em. But only one way to enjoy em............ SLOWLY!!!!!!
  4. the twisted ones___

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    Great Start... Oysters to Boot... found some trees with them arm length long last year prolly 3 lbs racks if ya know what i mean...good again for you... i need to get out there soon