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0/8 over last 3 weeks in Johnson Cnty (east-central iowa) by myself. None last year either. Started off well ten years ago, been getting steadily worse ever since. I think maybe this county is fished out. It is like the 3rd of 4th largest population by county i'd bet. Maybe just too many people have done too much damage over the years? Have the old timers around the state noticed an increase in hunters in the recent decade? Anyone from other counties in Iowa that have been fished out? I did find a dozen 'white' morels with a friend last week at his grandfathers small-private pond, that's it. They didn't even taste good. Never seen such 'pale' morels either. JC is dead. Who knows how long it will take to recover? Maybe years? Decades? 1/2 century? I still read about people finding them around Des Moines though, which suprises me considering the decline here what with even more people there. Maybe less people know what morels are over there?
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