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Found 1st of the season today.

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3 very small blacks that I opted to mark and leave to check on them a day or 2 later. Biggest only 2 1/2 inches. Hoping to find more tomorrow. I have one patch that is on a southeast facing hillside that just maybe will produce earlier. These were found on east and north facing hills in Hart county.
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Just checked my regular spot in Hardin County, but didn't see any in that patch. I am encouraged by your find though.
Checked SE facing hill this morning and nothing there. Going back tomorrow to ck patches where I found the 3 on Friday.
Hey Ricard hello what county u in?Went on the hunt yesterday here in Grayson county no luck. Heading out now to do some fishin and a bit more hunting.Good luck all.
Hart/Edmonson. Have not seen the 1st mayapple plant breaking the soil. Still early.
Found 4 more blacks today and checked on the 3 that we found Friday afternoon. They had hardly grown any in 36 hrs so I picked them also. 7 is all we found. Hopefully the rains coming this week will hit everybody's patches and if so they'll be up in #'s on the weekend. All but 1 of these were tiny. The biggest was 3 1/2 inches.
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